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Our Information Services team provides free, one-on-one support for all people affected by epilepsy, whether directly or tangentially. From diagnosis through treatment, we help people by providing epilepsy information regarding care, medication side effects, transportation resources, programs, and more.

Whether you have a specific question or need general guidance, Information Services can provide the support you need.

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Due to the inability to meet face-to-face, we are introducing virtual appointments. An Information Services virtual appointment offers one-on-one epilepsy-related support and assistance in a virtual setting.

Additional ways to access Information Services:

Thriving with Epilepsy

Jacqui Mattson

Seizures can strike at any moment. Imagine living your everyday life seizure-free, and then one day you are faced with a life-altering diagnosis. Meet the Mattson family. After receiving news that their daughter Jacqui was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 14, they learned to cope with her seizures and find support through EFMN.

Read Jacqui's Story
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The epilepsy information you need

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