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Epilepsy can be an isolating condition without the support of others, but we believe that no one should have to face epilepsy alone. Connect Groups are an easy way to meet people affected by epilepsy and share experiences in a safe and supportive environment. The structure and intent of Connect Groups vary by location to meet the needs of that community. Sometimes these epilepsy support group meetings have a set topic, while others are an open discussion. Occasionally, we’ll be joined by guest speakers sharing about a subject specific to living with epilepsy. 

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Connect Group Guidelines

We feel it’s important to create a place of safety and trust, so we ask that you please follow these Connect Group guidelines.

  • What is said in the meeting, stays in the meeting — This is the essential principle of confidentiality. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make the group a safe place to share.
  • Share the air time — Everyone who wishes to share has an opportunity to do so. No one person should monopolize the group time.
  • Use “I” language — Share from your personal experience. Say “this is what helped me” or “when I was faced with this problem, I …” Please don’t give advice unless asked to.
  • Model respectfulness and kindness — Differences of opinion are okay. Each person should be allowed to speak free from interruptions and side conversations.
  • Adhere to meeting start times and end times — Our meetings are not “open house” style. We often have professional speakers and an agenda.
  • Respond to seizure activity appropriately — The facilitator of your group is trained in seizure first aid. Please follow their instructions and know that if you have a seizure, you’re in good hands.
  • We don’t share participants’ contact information — If you’ve made new friends in your group (and we know you will!), please take it upon yourselves to exchange contact information.
Thriving with Epilepsy

Meet Ryan Lais

Ryan found Connect Groups helpful when he became an adult and had a totally different set of anxieties in his life. That support led him to joining our Regional Advisory Committee and working to help others.

Ryan's Story
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Current Connect Groups:

Adult Connect:

  • Who: All adults living with epilepsy
  • Meets monthly
  • Fourth Thursday of each month

Parent Connect:

  • Who: Parents, grandparents, and caregivers who live day-to-day caring for a child with seizures and/or epilepsy
  • Meets Monthly
  • Third Thursday of each month

Open to Everyone Connect:

  • Who: Everyone who would like to offer and receive support and connect with others
  • Meets bi-monthly
  • Second Saturday of each month

Teen Connect:

  • Who: Teens (age 13-17) who have epilepsy
  • Meets bi-monthly

Loss of Loved One Connect:

  • Who: Those who have loss someone who had epilepsy
  • Meets once per quarter

Upcoming Connect Groups

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Adult Virtual Connect Group

Adults living with epilepsy come together to meet others, share the triumphs and challenges of living with seizures and connect with those who understand the epilepsy journey. For more information, please contact Martin Hernandez at or 507-287-2103. In order to ensure we can provide the best experience possible, we



Loss of Loved One Virtual Connect Group

Losing a loved one to epilepsy is a difficult journey.  EFMN invites you to attend our quarterly Loss of Loved One Connect Group to find peer support, helpful resources, and to talk honestly about your grieving process.  This group is specifically open to anyone who has lost a loved one



Young Adult Virtual Connect Group

A space for young adults with epilepsy to meet others and talk about life updates, challenges, and successes with others who understand the epilepsy journey. This is a young adult-led group looking to create peer-to-peer support and connection. Contact Erik Williams with any questions at or 651-262-9345. In order

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Looking for more ways to connect?

Our social events are also a great way to meet other people who understand, and to have some fun!

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