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Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

7760 France Ave S, Suite 210
Bloomington, MN 55435

Phone | 651.287.2300

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Plan Your Visit:

  • The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota is located inside of the Minnesota Center, which sits at the corner of France Avenue and Minnesota Drive in Bloomington. Free 2-Hour visitor parking spots are available and clearly marked on level P2 of the parking garage. Please park in this area for short term office visits. If you are planning a visit longer than 2 hours, it is easiest to park on P3. Handicapped spots are also available in the garage.
  • Our office is on the second floor in Suite 210. To access it from the visitor parking area, simply use the visitor elevators to get the second floor. From P3, walk through the building doors and down the hall to the lobby. Once you arrive at the security desk area, you will see a second set of elevators slightly to the left. You will be able to access the second floor from those elevators. From the elevators, take a right and you will see Suite 210. The following Metro Transit routes pick up and drop off near the Minnesota Center:
  • From Downtown Minneapolis: Route 6 (Buses 6E, 6F and 6K) or Express Bus 578
    From Mall of America: Route 540
    From Normandale Community College: Route 537
    – For more information about routes and schedules, use the Metro Transit Trip Planner

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Metro In Person Connect Group

Individuals and family members impacted by epilepsy are invited to come together to meet others, share the triumphs and challenges of living with seizures, and connect with those who understand the epilepsy journey at the EFMN Office in Bloomington. If you have questions, please contact Metro Outreach Manager Erik Williams



Young Adult Connect

A space for young adults with epilepsy to meet others and talk about life updates, challenges, and successes with others who understand the epilepsy journey. This is a young adult-led group looking to create peer-to-peer support and connection. For more information, please contact Jessica Devens Rodning at jessica.rodning@efmn.org or 651.287.2301



Teen Connect Group

This space is for teens with epilepsy to meet others who understand the journey they’re on. Join us to hang out, make new friends, and talk about growing up and living with epilepsy. For more information, please contact Jessica Devens Rodning at jessica.rodning@efmn.org or 651.287.2301

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