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Providing resources, support, and education for the epilepsy community

People with epilepsy are better supported when the community understands their challenges. Our education programs provide training to schools, workplaces, senior care facilities, and other community groups at no cost so people better understand epilepsy and know how to recognize and respond to someone having a seizure. We also offer workshops on specific topics relevant to adults with epilepsy, parents of children with epilepsy, and school personnel.

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Learn the basics about seizure recognition and response with a free training for your school, workplace, senior center, or community group.

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La epilepsia puede ser una condición aislante sin el apoyo de otros, pero creemos que nadie debería tener que enfrentar la epilepsia solo. Esta reunión virtual es una oportunidad para conectarse con otras personas hispanohablantes, compartir experiencias y dar/recibir apoyo. Son bienvenidos personas con epilepsia, cuidadores, padres, u otros seres



Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders: Awareness, Networking & Mentoring in BLA

A place for people to share their experiences, their encouragement and support for one another and to network together. Supporting each other goes beyond just sending an encouraging message, which we do rely on through difficult stages in our journey and we allow this space for each other to steam

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