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Webinar: Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) (Request Recording)
Webinar: Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) (Request Recording)
Webinar: Supporting Children with Epilepsy: Seizure Smart Schools Legislation (Request Recording)
Webinar: Childhood Epilepsy and Seizures (Request Recording)
Webinar: Anxiety and Depression (Request Recording)
Managing My Epilepsy Toolkit Apps, Links, and Support
Webinar: Navigating Your Epilepsy Diagnosis (Request Recording)
Webinar: Social Security Disability (Request Recording)
Training: Entrenamiento Seizure Smart (Seizure Smart 60 in Spanish)
Training: Entrenamiento Básico Seizure Smart (Seizure Smart Basics in Spanish)
Training: Entrenamiento Seizure Smart Personal Escolar (Seizure Smart School Personnel in Spanish)
Webinar: Medical Cannabis in Minnesota (Request Recording)
Webinar: Employment and Epilepsy (Request Recording)
Webinar: Accessing Epilepsy Healthcare Right For You (Request Recording)
Webinar: Talking to Your Doctor (Request Recording)
Wellness Webinar: Bringing it all Together (Request Recording)
Independence Video
EFMN Programs and Services Flyer
Seizure Recognition and Response Chart
One in 26 Video
Seizure Observation Record
Medication Guide
Seizure First Aid Poster
Living with Epilepsy Brochure
Learning and School Performance Booklet
Talking With Your Doctor
Adult Seizure Action Plan
Driving with Epilepsy: Required Reporting Forms
Treatment Options: Implant Devices
Treatment Options: Alternative Therapies
Treatment Options: Surgery
Telling Your Story App
Shining Stars Brochure
Raising a Child with Epilepsy Booklet
Programs and Services Brochure
Mental Health Booklet
Medication Guide Brochure
SUDEP Brochure
Seizure Recognition and Response
Driving with Epilepsy: Driving Brochure
Orientation for One-time Volunteers
Orientation for Engaged Volunteers

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