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A purple logo of the Minnesota State Capitol building.

Advocacy Toolkit: Attend a Town Hall

TELLING YOUR STORY Town hall forums provide an opportunity to tell your story in a different way. Although your message is for your legislator, you’ll have a wider audience to speak to. In addition to being a public forum, town halls are an opportunity to meet other people who share

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Telling Your Story App

The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Disabilities has a free tool for advocates to compose and practice their story. The app guides users through the steps, from introducing yourself to identifying the specific issue, to the best methods for presenting a compelling story. The Telling Your Story app is available in

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Find Your Legislator

Your voice matters! Your legislators want to hear your story and how their work connects directly to your experiences. To maximize your impact, focus on the legislators who represent you.

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Booklet cover — image of a teacher smiling with her arm around a student sitting at her desk, surrounding by other students working, and title, Epilepsy in Children: The Teacher's Role.

Teachers Role Booklet

Children who have seizures may run into problems at school, but this can be managed by informed school staff. This book is a guide to educate teachers and school staff on epilepsy and how to help children in the classroom. Return to Resource Library

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Brochure cover — image of a young child playing on a playground, with the Shining Stars program logo.

Shining Stars Brochure

The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota knows that all youth with epilepsy are special, in fact, we think they’re Shining Stars! The Shining Stars program recognizes youth with epilepsy, making them feel special and connecting them with others across Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. Return to Resource Library

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Booklet cover — image of a woman and a small child sitting together, smiling, and looking at phones, image of an older child wearing a camp t-shirt and smiling, and the title, Raising a Child with Epilepsy.

Raising a Child with Epilepsy Booklet

Raising a child is a big job — and if your child has epilepsy or seizures, you probably have special concerns. In the United States, more than 470,000 children under age 18 live with epilepsy and seizures. Living with seizures is different for every person. For most kids, seizures can

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Brochure cover — a man and a woman smile while standing while a child in a stroller, and title, Programs & Services.

Programs and Services Brochure

We serve Minnesota and eastern North Dakota with staff located in Duluth, Fargo/Moorhead, Rochester, St. Cloud, and the Twin Cities. Learn more about the services and programs that we provide to those affected with epilepsy. Return to Resource Library

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Booklet cover — image of a young woman standing and smiling, image of a child holding a poster that says, I'm an epilepsy warrior, and header that says Emotional & Behavioral Health in Epilepsy

Mental Health Booklet

People with epilepsy have a higher rate of depression and anxiety disorders than the general population. Download the booklet to learn and understand epilepsy and its relationship with mental health. Return to Resource Library

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Brochure cover — image of two pill bottles with title, Anti-Seizure Medication Guide.

Medication Guide Brochure

It is not the intention of this guide to give specific medical advice, but rather to provide users with information to better understand their options. Always discuss changes in medication with your doctor. Return to Resource Library

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Brochure cover — image of a question mark casting a shadow, with title, Understanding Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

SUDEP Brochure