Advocacy Toolkit: Call Your Legislator

A purple logo of the Minnesota State Capitol building.



Telling your story makes a difference! When legislators hear your personal story, they are impacted by it. If they are on a different side of an issue than you, your story provides them with the bigger picture. If they already share your position, you’re providing them with examples to bolster their position.


Be prepared. Write your script and practice. Try your best to keep the script short and focused on issues that are currently before your legislator’s committee, or coming up for a vote on the floor. Be aware that when you call you may be speaking with your legislator directly, with a member of their staff, or leaving a voice message.

  1. Introduce yourself as a constituent.
    “Hi, my name is and I live in .”
  2. Say why you are calling. If there is a specific bill being considered, identify it.
    “I’m concerned about [ISSUE]” or “I want to talk about [ISSUE].”
  3. Add a personal story.
    Explain why this issue is important and how it affects you personally.
    “As a person with epilepsy, I rely on .”
    “The threat to funding of
    impacts me because _.”
  4. Ask the legislator’s opinion on the topic.
    “What does Representative/Senator think about ?”
  5. Make an “ask.”
    Be specific. Do you want support for a program, reform of a system, or funding maintenance? If you ask them to support a piece of legislation, be sure to include
    the bill number.
    “As a constituent, I strongly encourage Representative/Senator to take action that will support.”
  6. Thank them.
    “Thank you for your time and interest.”