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Seizures and Safety Flyer

Image of chart listing types of seizures, with title Seizure Recognition and Response.

Seizure Recognition and Response Chart

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Seizure Observation Record

Image of a chart listing medications, with title, Anti-Seizure Medication Guide.

Medication Guide

Image of Seizure First Aid poster with illustrations and tips for responding to seizures.

Seizure First Aid Poster

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Living with Epilepsy Brochure

If you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy, you probably have questions about how it will impact your life. The good news is that medical treatment of seizures is getting better. There’s also a lot you can do to maintain your quality of life as a person living with epilepsy and seizures

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Booklet cover — closeup of young boy smiling with the title, Epilepsy in Children: Learning & School Performance.

Learning and School Performance Booklet

Most children with epilepsy don’t have school issues, but some may have learning or performance issues. Download the booklet to learn more. Return to Resource Library

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Epilepsy Fact Sheet

What is Epilepsy?Epilepsy, which may be called a seizure disorder, is a neurological disorder that causes people to have recurrent seizures. Seizures are sudden and involve brief uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain which cause convulsions, changes in an individual’s behavior, and/or unconsciousness. Tus Mob Qaug Dab Peg yog dab

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Brochure cover — image of a young man talking confidently to a doctor, and title, Talking With Your Doctor: Information for Patients and Families.

Talking With Your Doctor

This booklet is designed to help you ask the right questions, make your feelings known, and get the best care possible. Return to Resource Library

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