Caregiver Education Resources

A girl gives a big smile and thumbs up to the camera. Behind her, more students smile and cheer, and a teacher stands at the front of the classroom.

Request a Classroom Kit

Classroom Kits are free to classrooms and families. They are intended to spread awareness of epilepsy and educate staff and students about how to recognize and respond to someone having a seizure.

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Schedule a Virtual Appointment

A virtual appointment offers one-on-one epilepsy-related support and assistance with school-related topics in a face-to-face virtual setting. Using Zoom, a staff person will schedule a time to discuss your questions and offer resources.

Please allow 2 business days for an appointment to be scheduled.

Seizure Smart Schools

Seizure Smart Schools is a program that brings together students, teachers, school nurses, staff, and families to foster understanding of epilepsy in schools and teach seizure first aid.

Is My School Seizure Smart?