Meet Our Newest Outreach Manager, Nohely Arteaga

- Organization Updates

The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (EFMN) is excited to introduce the newest Outreach Manager, Nohely Arteaga! Nohely is a certified Community Health Worker, Certified Health Unit Coordinator and pursuing a Bachelor’s in Public Health at St. Katherine’s University. As Outreach Manager for Latino Communities, Nohely will be the primary contact at EFMN for Latino and Spanish-speaking families.  

“I’m excited to continue working with my Latino Community and to share knowledge with the community about the work EFMN is doing, letting them know they are not alone. I’m committed to giving back to the community and eager to delve deeper into health equity to drive positive change in public health. I’m excited to continue learning more about the Epilepsy community and always leave a footprint anywhere I go” says Nohely.

You can reach Nohely at (651) 287-2302 or by email

Want to meet Nohely in person? Join us at our in-person connect group for Spanish-speaking families coming up on June 29th! Please click here for more information.