Camp Oz Day 4 – The Perfect Weather Wednesday

- Updates from Camp

We kicked off Wednesday morning with some nice fluffy pancakes and they were much needed to fill our tanks back up. Each morning the dining hall bell rings out to announce that breakfast is ready and whereas on Monday morning every cabin was knocking down the doors to get to breakfast, by this morning most cabins were still zombie-ing on over when the bell rang. Nonetheless, the pancakes still disappeared at a nearly alarming rate so we have all the proof we need that our campers are giving their all during these jam-packed days.

Like our swimmers today, let’s dive right in! Some of our newly established farmers planted cantaloupe and green beans and also got a chance to chitchat with the barnyard cat, chickens and goats. The zipline played a starring role today so safety equipment was once again hauled on in anticipation of the whizzing ride past the towering trees of camp. Camp Oz is a “challenge by choice” environment and we are always so proud of our campers when they tackle something new and daunting like the zipline. Getting in a harness and climbing straight up a telephone pole really pushes campers out of their comfort zone and even just pulling themselves up one rung is a huge achievement. Our hearts were warmed hearing the cheers campers shouted to encourage their friends up and up and then down and down!

It was an archery afternoon and although we had to tip toe around some very goopy mud, it was a perfect summer day to fire some arrows at the yellow bullseye. Some campers were content simply being able to use a bow n’ arrow for the first time and others got very serious about their aim. Accuracy contests sprang up, champions were crowned, and bragging rights were secured.

Across camp, a different sort of competition was happening during an activity called Random Acts of Kindness. Campers were tasked with creating messages to spread positivity and gratitude and place them all around for others to see. I saw tons of creativity flowing as kids were trying their hardest to think of the best things to write and who could write the most notes. My favorite one I saw? A small note underneath a light switch that said, “you brighten my day!”

After a scrumptious dinner of orange chicken, we played Boofers for our all-camp game. Everyone loved being able to run around and collect tattoos from each counselor in return for doing different tasks. Songs were sung, dances were danced, compliments were given, jumping jacks were jumped, races were run, push-ups were pushed, fun facts were shared, and jokes were told. And that’s just what I can remember! Arms covered in marker showed off how well you were doing and brought everyone together in their pursuit of the next challenge. An evening snack gave everyone a chance to cool down and hang out together while continuing to build the strong Camp Oz bonds. Then it was off to bed to rest up for our final full day!

We had quite a few four-leaf clovers found today so hopefully that banked good luck is enough to push the rain away from the forecast. We’ll survive no matter what though because we’re in a magical place!

Until tomorrow!


Camp Oz Co-Director