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man running through balloon arch excited - Epilepsy Walk Thriving with Epilepsy

Beginning on September 1 in Fargo/Moorhead, and finishing on October 2 in the Twin Cities, the epilepsy community unites to walk in solidarity with one another. After years of coming together to Rise Above Seizures, the Walk name changed in 2021 to the United In Epilepsy Regional Walks. With a focus on bringing adults, youth, teens, and families together, we’ve heard amazing stories this month from walk captains, people with epilepsy, and their supporters.

In St. Cloud, Chris Poshek shared how his daughter Hannah, who lives with epilepsy, was unable to attend the walk because she had a varsity swim meet that night. Something he never could have imagined would be possible when he learned of her diagnosis.

We created a traveling “I Walk Because…” banner this year so people could share the reason or person they walk for. It’s been uplifting, and emotional, to read the responses. Some we can share include:

  • I walk for my cousin Jordan. Not only is she my cousin, she’s like my sister! This walk means everything to me.
  • I have an amazing man who battles epilepsy everyday and brings so much joy and happiness to our lives.
  • For my niece Marcaylin taken by SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) in 2018. Miss you sweetie.
  • I walk for those that can’t. I have epilepsy.
  • I walk for my girlfriend, who I will always support.
  • We walk to honor our son Keith Booker. Love and miss him so.
  • I walk for my brother Silas. Love you kid.
  • I walk for me!

It’s clear the Walk means many things to many different people. The beautiful part is that even though each walker who comes out has their own personal reason for doing so, they’re uniting with thousands of others across the state to walk in solidarity for epilepsy. The message being sent is that we are one community. We support each other, and always will, because nobody journey’s through epilepsy alone.

United We Walk

Learn more about the United In Epilepsy Regional Walks and how you can walk in solidarity with others impacted by epilepsy.

Walk in Solidarity