DEI Committee Member Spotlight – Yafiet Bezabih

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The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee helps us better serve communities of color, Native communities, individuals living with complex and rare epilepsies, and communities marginalized through social, economic, and political barriers as well as health care providers working most directly with these populations. Yafiet Bezabih is a member of our DEI Committee and the Data & IT Manager at EFMN.

Q: Why do you serve on the DEI Committee?

YB: I volunteered because I want to help EFMN strategize and implement our diversity and inclusion goals. I am also a member of the EFMN operations staff. As the Data & IT Manager, I aim to take the committee’s ideas and figure out how to measure success, implement technical requirements, and deliver the end results.

Q: What do you want people to know about epilepsy?

YB: I recently learned the following:

In verified analyses, active epilepsy was highest in Blacks (1.13% [0.84–1.42]) compared to Whites (0.33% [0.17–0.49], individuals age 55–69 years of age (1.25% [0.74–1.75]) compared to other ages (range 0.55–0.95%), those with annual household incomes less than $30,000 (1.12% [0.73–1.51]) compared to greater income levels. Source.

Q: What EFMN program or service do you want to highlight to someone who is new to the organization? Why?

YB: I want to highlight all of the ways that people can connect with each other. Connect groups, events for youth, community conversations, one on one conversations, and more!

Q: Tell us something about yourself that others may find interesting – either personal or professional, something that shows the audience who you are.

YB: I built a computer in high school and still use it to this day! I used to play video games with it, but now I’m learning how to produce music with it!

(Though it reminds me of the ‘ship of Theseus’ as one day all of the original parts will be swapped out..)

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