Chris Poshek – Walk for Unity and Hope

Teenage girl jumping under balloon arch - Epilepsy Walk

“We walk to be united in the epilepsy community,” EFMN walk captain, epilepsy fighter and advocate Chris Poshek says. And his words perfectly sum up the magic of the EFMN walks: creating unity and providing hope.

Chris, who recently turned 50, was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 30. Many of Chris’ family members also struggle with epilepsy: both of his sisters, many of his cousins, and his 17-year-old daughter Hannah.

Chris and Hannah have gone through their own, unique epilepsy challenges. They both realize that finding the right doctors and medications will be an ongoing struggle. Thankfully, EFMN provides Chris and Hannah the resources and hope necessary to stay strong in their fight.

Chris and “Hannah’s Heroes” first walked for epilepsy in 2006. They continue to walk every year and with each walk they raise more and more money. One of Chris and Hannah’s favorite ways to show appreciation and keep donors coming back is creating a personalized thank you message for every $25 donation they receive. “It means a lot that they get a thank you from her,” Chris says.

The many walks taken by Hannah’s Heroes have taught both Hannah and Chris that even if some families have it worse off, the walk is an opportunity to make sure all walkers know that they are not alone in their fight. “No matter the severity of the situation,” Chris says, “having epilepsy doesn’t mean you can’t do anything you want in life.”

Hannah is proof of this. She plays hockey for the Minnesota Wild Special Hockey, and she even got to help create and star in her own comic book.

Hannah and Chris know that no one’s epilepsy journey is exactly the same. But no matter the ups and downs a family goes through, the walk gives unity and most importantly spreads the message that with hope and determination, epilepsy will not hold anyone back from living a full and rewarding life.

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