Family Camp Day 2 – Work of Clay Art

- Updates from Camp

Day Two of Family Camp came and went with some truly serious imagination and creativity. Campers kicked things off with just seven small chunks of clay but after lots of rolling, twisting, and slicing, transformed a baby food jar into a work of art fit for a museum. Under the careful instruction of our Clay Squared to Infinity guide, each kid learned the Swirl, Fluffiness, and Worm in a Blanket technique. Then after thin and careful slicing, what was left were basically multi-patterned, colorful clay stickers just waiting to be added to a glass jar. Now after a quick bake in the oven, the jars will be ready to hold all sorts of neat things. The best camper suggestions that we heard were coins, paperclips, fancy rocks, and snacks! 

Marshmallow Structures took over the activity breakout session and all of the campers enjoyed getting to work together with their fancy building materials you can find in any kitchen. Limited only by their imaginations, and just a little bit by the strength of mini marshmallows, campers constructed a house, an umbrella, dumbbells, a person, monkey bars, and more. There were also plenty of marshmallows disappearing into mouths and some good memory sharing over the best places to roast s’mores. Everyone couldn’t wait until the next camping trip or visit to grandma and grandpa’s to bust out the iconic tasty treat. 

Check back in tomorrow to see how Family Camp Day Three shaped up with some art wanting to be heard, animals needing to be guessed and tin foil waiting to be sculpted!

Things we loved hearing:

  • “It’s all about the building blocks of worms and blankets.”
  • “It’s amazing what you can do with marshmallows and toothpicks.”
  • “Anybody else have sticky fingers?”