Camp Oz Day 3 – Only a Half-Point for Nemo?

camp oz day 3 wrap-up in purple - Updates from Camp

Camp Oz Day Three has come and gone but not without a lot of laughs, sticky hands, and ingenious creations. We kicked things off with a choice between Nature Games and Tin Foil Sculptures and both activities fueled camper imaginations and creativity. In Nature Games, campers played “I love Trees” Scattergories and tried to think of an animal for every letter of the alphabet. One point for a good guess and two points for a guess that was unique from everyone else’s. The winning score was 33.5 after our panel of camper judges voted that “Nemo” only deserved a half point. On the art side, everyone’s Tin Foil Sculptures looked amazing and we had lots of people, different animals, a chocolate bar, pizza, and even a telescope created.

Campers had another set of varied breakout activities open to them today and chose between super cute wolf pups, building a robot, or getting their hands messy with science. The International Wolf Center in Ely, MN took the first group of campers on an adventure to see how wolf pups survive in the wild. They loved watching a video of a wolf puppy howling for the first time and learning mom and dad wolves feed the babies by throwing up their food. It was… definitely the most jaw dropping, and stomach churning, fact of the day! Some impressive closeup views of Arctic Gray Wolves Grayson and Axel relaxing and trying to stay cool wrapped up this “trip up north.”

After agreeing that the best robots would be ones that hung out with us and did our chores, a lovely educator from The Works Museum led our robot enthusiasts through the process of making a motor and using it to power our very own robots. Once all the pieces were in place and the robots were crawling around, the campers were very excited to continue decorating to give them special personalities.

Our scientist bunch pulled out their ingredients to make slime and invisible ink and they were more than up to the task! The slime recipe was hard to get just right but the experienced slime makers in the group ignored the messy hands and happily shared their slime tips and tricks from previous attempts. The collaboration and teamwork on display was extremely cool to see. The invisible ink stayed mostly invisible and ended up keeping the secret messages safe.

We will keep the good times rolling tomorrow with the camp classic tie dye shirts, a game show led by dolphin experts, and some tasty cooking projects. See you then!

Things We Loved Hearing:

“Does Mario count as an animal?”

“I’m trying to make a horse, and it’s kind of turning into the Loch Ness monster.”

We Asked:

What have you liked about Camp Oz so far?

They Answered:

“The projects and the games.”

“Making friends.”

“Being with all of you guys.”