Camp Oz Day 1 – Colorful Monsters

- Updates from Camp

Virtual Camp Oz started off on a great note this morning with nearly 30 campers signing in from across Minnesota, and even a couple in Wisconsin and North Dakota! A lot of things have changed in the last year plus, but one thing that didn’t is enthusiasm for camp. Energy was high and every camper was ready to rock & roll and finally start putting to use some of many things that arrived in everyone’s personalized Camp in a Box.

After getting to know each other with a simple introduction, every camper pulled out their clay kits to make a colorful monster. There were a ton of really cool designs and the creativity was overflowing. The campers also got to challenge their brains with a nature word game. What is the first word that you think of when I say sky or lake or garden? Can you guess what the most common answer was when the word was “Campfire?”

Activity breakouts today were a hit (literally for the virtual boxers)! Our junior paleontologists got to explore many different types of fossils and learned some awesome facts. Did you know that most of where we live now used to be under an ocean? A fun and exciting workout was had by some other campers during our SPIRIT Club Virtual Zumba and Boxing classes and the pump up music got everyone involved. A good heart raising activity can create new friendships and there were plenty of reports of great conversations during the exercise water breaks.

Finally our last few campers created a strong bond during Team Building Games. Whether it was through creating a story together one word at a time, mad-libs, tricking each other with two truths and a lie, or asking each other about our personal superhero preferences, these kids learned a lot about their fellow Oz campers.

The fun continues tomorrow with a swim with harbor seals, a trip to Mars, or a towering set of marshmallows on deck so we’ll check in again with another update!

Things we loved hearing:

 “I felt like I was connecting with you guys and it was really nice.”

“I felt like I was with other people who understood what it was like to have epilepsy.”