2018 Updates from Camp Oz: Day Three!

A group of teenaged girls stands in a line and poses. - Updates from Camp

Tuesday started off with some light rain again, but that did not deter the campers from getting off to a great start to the day!  After breakfast, cabins were off to their first activity of the day.  Today was the first day the camp store was open for campers, so it was neat to see what caught their eye.  Camp staff set up several indoor options for cabins that didn’t want to be in the rain, so various groups voted on this morning activities.  

We had a classic MN favorite for lunch, goulash!  The campers ate it up.  After rest hour, I got bombarded with letters from campers to be mailed home.  It’s always interesting what the campers come up with for the label addresses.  I got a lot of “Home, State of MN”.  Or the return label of “From their favorite son Jack”!  With a quick run into town for more stamps, we were able to get the letters labeled, stamped, and in the mail.  

Horses were canceled this afternoon due to the mud so we rescheduled them for later this week so ALL campers get a chance to ride.  For the all camp game they squared off by ages and it was fun to see the older campers supporting the younger ones.  The older cabins had bonfires near their cabins while the younger ones turned in for an early bedtime.  We are looking forward to some sun tomorrow and what Wednesday will bring.  Until then…

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