Students learn better when they feel safe and supported.

The Seizure Smart Schools program helps educate students and staff on epilepsy and seizures.

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Our Guiding Philosophy:


Seizure trainings for your school, workplace, and community at no cost.


No one should face epilepsy alone; meet people who understand what you’re going through.


Take back control with access to the information and advice you need.

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Help When You Need It

No one should face epilepsy alone. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with epilepsy for years, we’re here to support you.

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Webinar on Epilepsy and Genetics

Join the Epilepsy Foundation for an educational webinar where guest speaker Beth Rosen Sheidley MS, CGC, and moderator Elaine Kiriakopoulos MD, MSc, talk about epilepsy and genetics. They will discuss what we know about the genetics of epilepsy, the benefits and limitations of testing, and how to go about getting



Connect Group – Brooklyn Park

Come for connections and support. Whether you are a parent with a child affected, or someone who has lived with epilepsy for years, sharing and hearing everyone’s journey can create a powerful impact. This opportunity to meet others is open to family and friends. Light refreshments provided.



Adult and Caregiver Connect Group – St. Cloud

We welcome adults and caregivers affected by epilepsy to join us for a time to connect and support one another. February’s meeting will be an open forum. Bring any questions you have about epilepsy, your specific diagnosis, etc. As we share our journeys with seizures, we can learn from one

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We offer a wide variety of programs and services for youth and adults across our service region.

Thriving with Epilepsy

electrical surges from inside a human brain

Acute Repetitive Seizures (ARS) or Cluster Seizures

Cluster seizures are more likely to occur in patients who have more difficulty in controlling seizures, or refractory epilepsy, which is defined as having failed more than 2 seizure medications. Cluster seizures occur more often in patients with focal epilepsy but can occur in generalized epilepsy as well.

9 year old boy outside holding Jason Gray music CD

Cody Semrow – Battling Epilepsy By Helping Others

Cody Semrow is only nine years old, but his journey with epilepsy includes a misread MRI, multiple medication changes, unpredictable side effects, and, of course, seizures. However, it also includes a special friendship between Cody and his favorite musician, Jason Gray. This past summer the Semrow family organized a benefit

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Ways You Can Help

Your gift helps us educate, connect, and empower those with epilepsy and their families.