Camp Oz Day 3 – A Terrific Taco Tuesday

- Updates from Camp

The second full day of camp is in the books and who could have thought that temperatures in the high 80’s would feel so pleasant and comfortable! Breakfast was moved back an hour later to allow for more sleep and recharging for the day ahead and our campers took full advantage of the extra energy throughout each exciting new activity. 

Before heading out for the day, campers gobbled down breakfast sandwiches and topped off their water bottles. Concentration, intense focus and some tongues sticking out were common themes this morning during archery and especially slacklining. We loved seeing the triumphant faces on campers when they were able to take one step further each time on the slackline or place an arrow just a little bit closer to the bullseye. 

We celebrated Taco Tuesday with delicious chicken tacos for lunch, which promptly led to Snoozing Tuesday with some great naps during rest time. With fresh spirits, afternoon activities delivered again with more swimming, high flying fun on the zipline and the first visits to see the camp horses. A definite afternoon highlight was giving some tender loving care to about 10 horses with special brushes designed to give a nice soft, shiny coat. Campers even got to do some horse art with special chalk too! 

Camp Oz wrapped up the evening with burger sliders for dinner, ice pops for dessert and an interactive round of Oz Jam spread around the A-Field. High points of the specially designed game were dueling balloon toss games, a duck, duck, gray duck variant called drip, drip, drop and dressing up counselors to look like their goofy camp names.  

Finally, Camp Oz was visited by a professional photographer and videographer today and we can’t wait for you to see the new video of the footage they were able to capture. Rumor has it they took some drone shots too so you’ll be able to see our spectacular camp setting from the same view as the bald eagles that keep flying above us.

Wednesday will bring even more thrill to our lives as our first groups will start rock climbing! I’ve heard about lots of goals to reach the top of the wall and campers are itching to test their mettle. 

Time to rest up!