Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How do I get involved? There are multiple ways to be involved with the walk! 

  • Participate as a Team Captain, Team Member, or Individual Walker.
  • Fundraise toward your team or individual goals to raise money for EFMN.
  • Donate to support a team, an individual, or to the event.
  • Raise awareness in your community by sharing the event with friends, neighbors, and organizations you are involved with. 

Do I need to have epilepsy or seizures to participate in the walk? No! Everyone is invited to walk, no matter your relationship to epilepsy!

Can a business, clinic, or nonprofit exhibit at the Walks? Yes! Each location has sponsorship opportunities that come with the ability to have a table at the Walk. Contact for information.

How can I get a United In Epilepsy Regional Walks t-shirt? Our Be Seizure Smart t-shirts are available to all United in Epilepsy Walks participants. T-shirts will be available at each walk location, free of charge. You and your team will be able to pick up your t-shirts at the t-shirt table.


Do I have to register to walk? Yes, we want to know that you’re walking with us. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Do children need to register? Yes! Please register all members of your family at one time. You can add additional registrants after you enter your own information.

Is there a registration fee? There is no registration fee for the walk. However, we encourage our participants to commit to fundraising for the event.

How do I register? When you register, you will be asked to Join an Existing Team, Start a New Team, or Register as an Individual.

  • When joining an existing team, you first need to search for the team name. Once you find the team, click on Join Team.
  • When starting a new team, type in your team’s name and click on Start Team. If the name is already taken, an error message will pop up on your screen. Please select a new team name and click on Start Team.
  • When registering as an individual, click on Register as an Individual.

Provide your name, contact information, and complete all required fields to register.

Can I re-activate my page from last year? If you participated in the 2022 United In Epilepsy Regional Walks and you register using the same account information from last year, your team and individual page info will automatically be copied from last year’s event.

If you did not participate in 2022, but you did in previous years, you will need to start a new page.


Do I have to fundraise? The United In Epilepsy Regional Walks are the largest awareness and fundraising event for the epilepsy community in Minnesota. While fundraising is optional, we encourage everyone to set and work toward a fundraising goal. Every dollar raised provides resources and support that enable people with epilepsy to manage their seizures and lead safe, connected, and empowered lives.

How do I start fundraising? The best fundraising efforts start by sharing your personal story about why you’re participating. You can share your story on your personal fundraising page by logging in to your Fundraising Dashboard and select “Manage my page” from the dropdown menu. Once your page is updated, share it with friends, family, and coworkers via email, social networking, and word of mouth. 

Do you have tools to help me fundraise? Absolutely! Check out our online fundraising resources and watch for emails from EFMN this summer to help you with fundraising ideas.

What happens to the money raised at the Regional Walks? Donations are used to support the programs and services of the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, including Seizure Smart Trainings, Connect Groups, and Camp Programs within our local communities across Minnesota and the Fargo-Moorhead area. 

How do I enter in a cash or check donation or employer’s match? You can add offline donations on the Manage my page option under My Page. 

  • Step 1: Click on the Fundraising tab on the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Step 2: Click on the Enter Cash/Checks tab. 
  • Step 3: Click on Enter A Cash or Check Donation button.
  • Step 4: Fill out the New Cash/Check Gift form.

Note: For an employer match, list the Donor Name as “[Company Name] Match.”

How come I see an option to Pay for Cash Donation Collected button? To make collecting cash donations easy and before the walks, you are able to pay for cash donations using your own credit card. This way, you will be able to keep the cash. 

Can I give you cash on the Walk day instead of paying with my credit card? Yes! If you choose to bring the cash with you on the Walk day, you can skip the Pay for Cash Donation Collected button.

What if my company is matching my donation and other colleagues’ donations? Will the donations show up together?  If you and your colleagues list the same Donor Name when recording your employer’s match using the New Cash/Check Gift form, those donations will be grouped together. Communicate with your colleagues to make sure you are all using the same name (we recommend “[Company Name] Match”).
Can I set up a fundraiser on Facebook? Yes! After you register, you will see “Create a Facebook Fundraiser” on the left-hand menu. Name your fundraiser, enter a description, set a goal, and then follow the steps to connect your Facebook account to your Walk page.

Twin Cities

Why is the Twin Cities walk on a Sunday this year? As we partnered with Allianz Field this year, a venue we know our community loves, we worked diligently to accommodate scheduling conflicts at the soccer stadium while trying to keep your social and personal responsibilities top of mind. And while we have traditionally held this walk on a Saturday, the shift to walking on a Sunday is not permanent, and we plan to host the United in Epilepsy Twin Cities Walk on a Saturday in 2024.

How do I get to Allianz Field? Please visit the Allianz Field website for directions on getting to Allianz Field.

Where do I park when I arrive at Allianz Field? Guests attending the Walk will be able to park in Lot B and C. Both lots are located along Snelling Avenue and can be accessed from either Central or Shields Avenue. Drop-off is along the roundabout at Asbury Avenue by the UNITED sculpture.

Will there be seating? Sections of the stadium will be open during the registration & activities portion of the event, and again for the program following the walk. You are free to sit in these sections during the pre-walk, but don’t miss out on all the fun activities on the west end of the stadium!

Will there be a place for my team to meet/gather? The first 30 Champ Club teams (teams who raise over $1,500) will have a reserved box on the concourse. Otherwise, be sure to coordinate with your team on where to meet once you’re in the stadium!

Can I bring my pet? No, the only animals allowed inside Allianz Field are service animals. Please do not bring any pets.

Can I bring in food and beverages? No, we will provide free beverages (water and Gatorade) for all to use. Outside food is not allowed. Please do not bring personal coolers or large amounts of food to share. Local food trucks will be on-site with meals for purchase following the walk and program.

Can I bring a chair? Chairs are not allowed inside the stadium. Guests are welcome to bring chairs for the block party after the walk. The block party will take place near the designated parking lots allowing guests to retrieve their chairs after the event.

Can I bring a bag/purse/backpack? Yes, small bags are allowed but limited to a size of 12x12x6. Diaper and medical bags are allowed with no restrictions; bags will be checked and tagged upon entry. Please review the stadium’s bag policy.

What are the pre-walk activities this year? Activities include but are not limited to bounce houses, balloon artists, face painting, team photos, etc.

What’s the walk path? The walk will be inside Allianz, on the 1st floor concourse, with a final lap outside! We will walk three times around the concourse, counterclockwise. Then do a final half lap around Allianz, ending at the United sculpture.

Can we walk on the field? As much as we’d love to let you and your team run free on the Loons’ pitch, we are not allowed on the field.

Is it wheelchair, walker, and stroller accessible? Yes, the entire walk and activity area is accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers. Everything takes place on one level, and there is space to accommodate individuals during the program portion.

If I leave, can I re-enter the stadium? Once you have gone through security, you are unable to re-enter Allianz Field.

Other questions? Contact us at