About Your Donations


Item by item, your donated items add up to make a huge impact in the lives of people with seizures!  In the last five years, our used clothing service has provided over $3 million to fund programs and services for the 60,000 people with epilepsy in our community. Your donations provide nearly 40% of EFMN's funding to help people with epilepsy realize their full potential. 

Over 30 EFMN employees drive the trucks to pick up your items, service neighborhood drop off donation bins and answer the phone when you call. The Foundation regularly negotiates our contract with Savers (or other buyers) to ensure we receive the highest possible price for your donated items. EFMN is one of 140 charities nationwide that works with Savers.

We encourage you to do your homework to ensure your donation is doing as much good as possible in our community. We are confident that our used clothing service is among the most cost-effective and efficient in the country.  Our programs are critical to people and families impacted by epilepsy — it's important to both donors and EFMN that we get the most out of your donation. 

Your donations provide nearly 40% of EFMN’s funding for services to help people rise above seizures.  Your donations to EFMN will be sold to Savers, a for-profit corporation that is a professional fundraiser for EFMN in MN. Savers pays EFMN $0.385/lb. clothing, $0.258/lb. small home items & $0.258/pc. larger items of the goods you donate.

Two Ways to Donate

1.  Visit this page and schedule a convenient curbside pick up by one of our EFMN owned-and-operated trucks.
2.  Use this map to find a neighborhood donation bin in your area to drop your items.

Thank you for your donations!


Every donation of used goods helps people affected by seizures:









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