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EFMN relies on the support of individuals, private foundations and companies to help people with seizures realize their full potential.  Thank you for your partnership and making a difference.


Donor Spotlight: The Milz Family Story


We first got involved with EFMN after our son, Jacob, was diagnosed with epilepsy in April of 2013.  It was so eye-opening and helpful for him to learn that there were other children with epilepsy, other people that have to take medicine, do an EEG test, have their blood drawn and be "brave" just like him.

About four months after Jacob's diagnosis, we started to adjust to life with a child with epilepsy. To thank our family and friends for all of their support, we hosted an awareness party/fundraiser at our home to benefit EFMN. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our family, friends and co-workers.  We also knew this support would ultimately help our family as well. 

We feel it’s very important to us to help Jacob in any way we can. We would like to help raise epilepsy awareness to decrease the stigma of this chronic condition. Supporting EFMN will help achieve these goals. In the meantime, we feel it’s very important to help make his school safe for him and other children through the Seizure Smart Schools program. We also feel very strongly that we’ve had tremendous support throughout our journey and would like to provide this support to other individuals with epilepsy.



Together we can…

EDUCATE the community about seizures and epilepsy to reduce the stigma surrounding epilepsy. 

CONNECT people with epilepsy to others, and to resources. 

EMPOWER people living with epilepsy.

Gift Impact
$3,500 Provides all quick response vehicles for Camp Oz
$1,700 Send one child to Camp Oz
   $700 Educates one classroom through Seizure Smart Schools
   $500 Brings the Brainstorms Art Collection on the road
   $225 Supports programming for one child in the Shining Star program
   $150 Educates five children in our Seizure Smart Schools program
     $60 Provides free attendance to an EFMN conference for someone with epilepsy
     $30 Educates one child through Seizure Smart Schools
     $25 Educates one school nurse



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