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At EFMN, we proudly own and operate all aspects of the social enterprise we call “Used Clothing.” We employ 30 people between our St. Cloud and St. Paul operations, and our staff is dedicated not only to providing a great collection service, but also to the greater mission of our Foundation. 

100% of the proceeds from donated used clothing and household items help us offer programs that educate, connect and empower people affected by seizures. 

EFMN, along with other local non-profits, chooses to sell clothing and home items to Savers, a for-profit thrift company. It’s important to note that we choose the for-profit companies with which we work. When you donate to our organization, our employees drive the trucks and answer phones; we own our equipment and donation bins; and we independently set our own course, negotiating with Savers or other buyers to provide self-sufficient funding for EFMN. 

Unfortunately, some for-profits masquerade as non-profits, giving a pittance of their profits to the charities whose names and logos they use and abuse. (Look and listen carefully for statements such as “I’m calling with XXXXX Company, on behalf of…” or “a portion of the proceeds support…”) There are a number of unethical and deceptive companies operating thrift businesses in Minnesota. We encourage you to do your homework to ensure your donation is doing as much good as possible in our community. At EFMN, we’re confident that our collection services are among the most cost-effective and efficient in the country—and we know how important our programs are. 

In the past four years, our operation has generated nearly $2 million for our local community programs. We are deeply indebted to the thousands of donors who have supported us, as well as the businesses that host our bins, and the partners that promote us. Item by item, we're all making a difference for the 60,000+ Minnesotans with epilepsy.

St. Paul Office / Used Clothing
1600 University Ave. W. Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55104
800.779.0777 or 651.287.2300 

St. Cloud Used Clothing Center
2229 Roosevelt Road
St. Cloud, MN 56301

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