You ensure no one journeys alone

Will YOU help us connect with the 55,000+ Minnesotans living with epilepsy?

No matter who, no matter where, no matter when – your gift helps ensure no one has to journey with epilepsy alone.

What does it mean to ensure no one journeys alone? Let’s look at 2023.

Shining Stars

  • 245 attendees, with 71 Shining Stars at the Mall of America event
  • 22 new Shining Stars

“All four of our kids LOVED the activity tables this year! This is the only way we are able to afford taking our whole family to ride rides at MOA, so we appreciate the option of discounted wristbands for the whole family.”

Minnesota State Fair

  • 125 volunteers from across Minnesota supported our mission
  • Educated over 11,500 people on the importance of seizure first and our Be Seizure Smart initiative
  • Connected with over 275 individuals impacted by epilepsy, not previously connected to EFMN

“It was truly the best thing about the fair for me!!! I’m all in for next year again. It was so awesome to have members of the foundation there and even Dr. Mendes!!!! REALLY amazing experience.”

United in Epilepsy Walks

  • $195,000 raised in support
  • 1,655 walkers and 168 teams across 5 walk sites

“We attend as many of the EFMN social events as we can. Our children who do not have epilepsy (and our child who does) enjoy connecting with others and sharing our story! The social events make us feel “less alone” in our journey!”

Camp Programs

  • Camp Oz – 90 campers
  • Day Camp – 12 campers
  • Family Camp – 21 campers
  • 52% growth in numbers of campers from 2022 to 2023
  • 46% of campers received financial support

“I liked meeting other kids who understood what I was going through. Everyone is so nice and accepting.”