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Seizures can be unpredictable and seldom happen in convenient locations. A person who experiences a seizure in a park, at school, on an airplane, or any number of places may need to rely on the people around them to recognize what’s happening and help keep them safe until the seizure passes.

The Epilepsy Foundation offers a variety of trainings to teach you how to respond if you are with someone who has a seizure. Since one in 10 people will have a seizure during their lifetime, it’s important that 10 in 10 people know how to help.

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Our Seizure Recognition & Response training teaches basic seizure first aid and corrects the common myths and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy. You can schedule an in-person or webinar-style seizure training at your school, workplace, or community group, or view upcoming webinars and workshops below. This seizure training is available at no cost to all types of organizations and can be tailored for specific audiences.

Upcoming Workshops and Trainings:

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Living Well with Epilepsy Workshop

Join us for a workshop on “Living Well with Epilepsy” with Dr. Kinshuk Sahaya. Cost is $10/person. Contact Emily Gomez with any questions:



West Central Community Workshop

When is a seizure not just a seizure? How can we tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill epilepsy and an epilepsy syndrome? What extra information do we gain when we successfully identify and name these rare epilepsy syndromes? Please join us for a presentation by Dr. Douglas Smith, a pediatric

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Specialty trainings include those for:
  • Adult Groups
  • Childcare Centers
  • Employers
  • School Nurses and Personnel
  • Students
  • EMT/First Responders

EFMN Educational Training Options:

Seizure Smart School Personnel Training

Through EFMN’s “Seizure Smart School Personnel Training,” teachers, school nurses, staff, and families work together to reduce bullying and foster understanding of epilepsy in schools. Learn about seizures, epilepsy, identifying the common seizure types, and how to respond appropriately. We’ll also share treatment options and tips for a successful school environment. Approximately 60 minutes in length; video optional.

Seizure Smart School Nurse Training

This free training is designed for school nurses and other health staff to refresh their knowledge and learn about new developments regarding epilepsy and seizures. This training is welcome to all school personnel. The training will begin with a brief epilepsy review, followed by treatment options, rescue medications, new treatments, and helpful tips regarding seizures in the school setting. Approximately 60 minutes in length.

Seizure Smart Student Training (PreK–1st, 2nd–5th, 6th–10th)

Trainings can be customized for every age and audience. Seizure Smart Student Training increases the awareness and understanding of epilepsy and seizures, while also minimizing the stigma around seizure conditions. The training also teaches students what to do when someone around them has a seizure. Approximately 45-60 minutes in length, depending on ages. Visuals vary.

Seizure Smart Training

Seizure Smart Training is an opportunity to learn about epilepsy and seizures right in your own community. EFMN’s general hour-long Seizure Training is a resource that helps participants identify seizures, learn seizure first aid, and overcome the myths surrounding epilepsy. Approximately 60 minutes in length. Includes video.

Basic Seizure Smart Training

This condensed 30-minute version of EFMN’s “Seizure Smart Training” goes over general seizure recognition and response basics, while also being quick and easy to fit into busy schedules.

Seizure Smart Seniors Training

300,000 seniors in America have epilepsy and it’s the fastest-growing population to be diagnosed. This training teaches you how to identify and respond to seizures, covers epilepsy treatment in seniors and helps overcome myths about epilepsy. Approximately 60 minutes in length.

Seizure Smart Employment Training

This training is designed for employers and their employees to learn more about epilepsy, how to recognize and respond to seizures, how it may affect people in a workplace, and what those around them can do to be supportive. Approximately 60 minutes in length.

Seizure Smart Specialty Training & Basic Specialty Training

EFMN provides seizure training at almost any location that has the need. If you have a specific training you would like given, but don’t feel the other trainings on the list quite fit the description, EFMN may be able to work with you to make a specialized training for your location that also encompasses EFMN’s high quality general seizure basics. Choose between EFMN’s 60-minute “Seizure Smart Specialty Training” or EFMN’s 30-minute “Seizure Smart Basic Specialty Training.”

Seizure Smart Childcare Personnel

This training focuses on how to recognize and respond to both epileptic and febrile seizures, when a seizure is considered an emergency, treatment options, seizure triggers, and more. Approximately 60 minutes in length.

Not sure which seizure training is best suited for you? Don’t worry! Fill out the training request form below, and our staff can help you decide on the best option.

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