Seizure Smart Districts

School districts are also eligible to take part in the Seizure Smart Schools program.

School districts can work with us to create individualized plans that best serve their schools and students. This usually involves a combination of training nurses, teachers, students, and administrators in that district. Certified school districts receive special recognition from the Epilepsy Foundation, and help students with epilepsy and their parents make educated choices.

Is My District Seizure Smart?

Anoka-Hennepin School District

Eastern Carver County School District

Edina Public School District

Waconia Public School District

Once a district becomes certified as Seizure Smart, they continue working with us to ensure their seizure action plan stays relevant and supports their students.

To become a Seizure Smart District:

  • Have an initial introductory meeting with district officials and Epilepsy Foundation staff
  • All schools in the district must be Seizure Smart, or in the process of becoming Seizure Smart
  • Work with us to create an individualized plan outlining the needs and expectations of the district

Seizure Smart Districts receive:

  • A Seizure Smart School banner to signify the district has a plan in place to keep students with epilepsy and seizure disorders safe
  • A Seizure Smart School logo for the district to place on their website
  • Continuing education support for the district’s needs
  • Annual Community Education Trainings
  • A special event celebrating the district’s new distinction

Seizure Smart Districts must renew their plan every four years to keep the Seizure Smart designation. For more information on Seizure Smart Districts, please reach out to or give us a call at 651.287.2310.

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