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At the Epilepsy Foundation, our primary goal is to help people affected by epilepsy achieve their fullest potential in any way possible. While the majority of our programs and services do this through support and information, we are also fortunate enough to offer small financial grants in the form of educational scholarships and crisis management funds.

The Bridge to Independence Fund is designed to help individuals and families with a one-time grant for unexpected expenses, and the Elam Baer & Janis Clay Educational Scholarship awards ten $1,000 scholarships every year to students with epilepsy.

Thriving with epilepsy

Meet Hafsa Yusuf

Hafsa Yusuf attends school at Winona State University. She is a multi-year Elam Baer & Janis Clay Scholarship recipient and Day Camp volunteer.

Hafsa's Story
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Bridge to Independence Fund

Seizures can have an unpredictable impact on lives. For some, being diagnosed with epilepsy can mean the temporary loss of a driver’s license, a change in child care needs, the need for a seizure predictive device, and more. 

The Bridge to Independence Fund provides financial support to individuals and families during a time of crisis or unanticipated expenses. Like a bridge, the financial support is intended to provide a path from one situation to the next. This fund is a one-time gift to those who receive it.  EFMN established the Bridge to Independence Fund in 2017.

As of April 1, 2020, the maximum award amount is $1000, in order to accommodate increased requests.

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Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Complete Application
  • Be an individual living with epilepsy and/or a seizure diagnosis
  • Must live in EFMN service area, Minnesota and eastern North Dakota
  • Able to provide proof of need, when applicable
  • Be able to fulfill all expectations and/or completion of ask
  • Willing to promote the benefit of support
  • The maximum amount of request is $1000
  • If partial support granted, must be able to raise remaining funds

Response expected within 5 business days.  All awards must be made payable to the vendor, not the individual.  Amounts vary on the type of need and funds available.

Elam Baer & Janis Clay Educational Scholarship

The Elam Baer & Janis Clay Educational Scholarship is a perfect extension of our vision, which is to work towards a world in which those with seizures realize their full potential. Ten $1,000 scholarships are awarded to students each year, and funds are intended to be used for school-related expenses only. Students who have shown courage in dealing with epilepsy, a commitment to their education, and perseverance in eliminating the obstacles that epilepsy presents are encouraged to apply for the Elam Baer & Janis Clay Educational Scholarship.

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Application Deadline:             April 30, 2020
Awards Announcement:        May 22, 2020

• Have a diagnosis of epilepsy
• Live in Minnesota or eastern North Dakota
• Be a high school senior or high school graduate
• Submit a completed application and two letters of recommendation
• Provide proof of acceptance to a post-secondary academic or vocational program

Selection Factors:
• Strong career goals
• Personal achievements
• How applicant overcame obstacles related to epilepsy
• Involvement with the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota and/or the community

Opportunities are provided solely on the individual merit of applicants related to scholarship requirements and without regard to religion, creed, race, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

We are no longer taking applications for the scholarship for 2020.

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Travel Fund

This fund is a national service provided through the Epilepsy Foundation of America. It provides travel reimbursement to individuals who travel more than 50 miles from their home to receive FDA-approved medical care and/or treatment for their epilepsy/seizure disorder, but lack adequate financial resources to meet the cost of this travel without bearing financial hardship.


  • Applicants must be a United States citizen and reside in the United States, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Applicants must attempt to exhaust at least three other funding sources within the county and state where the patient lives in addition to their insurance company
  • Applicants must provide justification for obtaining medical treatment/services more than 50 miles outside of the patient’s home for their epilepsy/seizure disorder. Official documentation from the patient’s doctor, medical practitioner, or facility where treatment/services will be provided is required and must include the reason(s) for treatment, treatments received, and date(s) of treatment
  • Applicants may apply prior to travel for pre-approval but must provide original receipts for final application consideration and funds disbursement

All applications must be approved and submitted through the local affiliate (the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota). For more information, contact

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These grant programs are made possible by the support of our generous donors. If you would like to make a financial contribution, visit our donation page and select "grant programs" as your designation. Thank you!

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