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Seizure Smart Schools brings students, teachers, school nurses, staff and families together to foster understanding of epilepsy in schools and teach seizure first aid. Use this flyer to make your school "seizure smart." For information or to request a training, contact Jamila Pickett at 651.287.2315 or 

School Staff Resources
The forms below will help school staff support students with seizures:

Seizure Observation Record
To be completed by school personnel when reporting a seizure(s) and/or medication side effects.  

Seizure Action Plan
To provide basic information about a student's seizure(s), and medication, as well as what school personnel should do for the student during a seizure.  It should be distributed at the beginning of a school year, when a diagnosis is made or when a change in health status occurs. 
EFMN offers local webinars and on-site trainings for school nurses throughout the year (see our calendar
for upcoming dates). Visit our national office's page for online training.
EFMN offers local webinars and on-site trainings for school personnel throughout the year. Visit our national office's page for online training. Check out this national video that offers insight on how to make schools safer and more supportive for students with epilepsy.
Classroom Resources

Order a FREE classroom kit using the form below to educate your classmates or students about seizures. Students can take this kit into their classroom to help peers and school staff understand epilepsy. 
In-person classroom trainings are available by contacting or calling 800.779.0777, ext. 2315. Some geographic restrictions may apply.
Additional resources to use in classrooms: 

Classroom Activity Sheets
Seizure first aid poster

Parent Resources
Seizure Action Plan
Complete this form and share with school personnel to best support your child. The form should be updated annually (or when changes occur) and will assist in recognizing a student's seizures, responding appropriately and planning. 

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