Be Seizure Smart @ the Minnesota State Fair

August 24 – September 4, 2023

Seizures can be unpredictable and seldom happen in convenient locations. A person who experiences a seizure in a park, at school, on an airplane, or any number of places may need to rely on the people around them to recognize what’s happening and help keep them safe until the seizure passes. That person can be you! Let’s Be Seizure Smart together.

Be Seizure Smart

How can you Be Seizure Smart? We have so many resources to educate you on seizure first aid and safety, but let’s start with the basics.


Stay with the person until they are awake and alert after the seizure.

  • Time the seizure
  • Remain calm
  • Check for medical ID

Keep the person safe.

  • Move or guide away from harm

Turn the person onto their side if they are not awake and aware.

  • Keep the airway clear
  • Loosen tight clothes around neck
  • Put something small and soft under their head
CALL 911

Call 911 if

  • Seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes
  • Person does not return to their usual state
  • Person is injured, pregnant, or sick
  • Repeated seizures
  • First time seizure
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Seizure occurs in water

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