Seizure Smart Schools Passed Into Law


The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (EFMN) is thrilled that our Seizure Smart Schools legislation has been included in the 2021 education budget bill, which was just passed and signed into law by Governor Walz on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Over the last few years, EFMN and our many advocates have worked hard to communicate the enormous value this bipartisan, no-cost legislation would bring to the 7,400 Minnesota children living with epilepsy. By providing training materials for all staff and requiring each school to have seizure action plans in place, the legislation will ensure that students living with epilepsy feel safe while learning and that educators feel prepared for seizure response while teaching.

Minnesota now joins 12 other states that have passed similar legislation. We are appreciative that legislators recognized the importance of seizure and epilepsy education; the passage of this bill will truly help all students, parents, and teachers across the state thrive.


When the EFMN Seizure Smart School initiative started in 2013, we never imagined a day there would be legislation supporting students with epilepsy and making Seizure Recognition & Response materials available to all school staff.

Vicki Kopplin, Longtime epilepsy advocate and former EFMN Executive Director

As a mother with a child with epilepsy, I can take a deeper breath today knowing that when school starts back up in the fall, Rachels’ medical diagnosis and potential emergent situations will be understood, known, and acted upon should something occur during the school day.

Trisha Zeller, Mother and advocate

I’m feeling excited and a feeling of amazement all at once. This is something I wrote in college as a English assignment.  I wrote what I went through and why Minnesota should pass this bill. This is a huge accomplishment on this SSS Bill that got passed and signed by the Governor.  This means that the worry and anxiety will no longer be on the shoulders of the students that have epilepsy. This burden will be lifted from them, they can focus on their education with out having to wonder if the school knows what to do. With this bill getting passed and signed into law, this isn’t just going to help one student but rather every student that has epilepsy in K-12, here in Minnesota. This will help the parents be more at ease knowing that the school has a plan in place. I look back at when I was in school, I carried that burden. I was advocating before I knew what advocating was. I made a point to tell all my teachers about my epilepsy and what to do if I have a seizure. By passing this and getting it signed into law, this will make for a brighter future and better path for students that have epilepsy. 

Ruth Schmitz, Advocate



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