2018 Advocacy Priorities:

Step Therapy Reform  (SF2897/HF3196)

Step Therapy, also known as fail first, is a cost savings tool used by health insurers to manage access to medications. As part of the Minnesota Step Therapy Coalition, EFMN is advocating for legislation that would streamline and bring greater transparency to the step therapy process.

The Epilepsy Foundation of America has additional step therapy information available.

Best Life Alliance (SF2889/HF3191)

Best Life Alliance is a coalition advocating for Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS). HCBS provide individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities needs-based services that allow them to contribute to stay as active and independent as possible. Best Life Alliance seeks action to support quality services and a strong workforce.

Chloe Barnes Rare Disease Advisory Council (SF2786/HF2574)

Helping the rare disease community starts with ensuring that patients and families have a voice in government. EFMN supports legislation to establish a rare disease advisory council to advise state agencies on research, diagnosis, treatment, and education related to rare disease.


2017 Advocacy Priorities:

Prior Authorization HF747/SF593

Requires quicker responses to authorization requests and extends to the enrollment year.

Medical Assistance(MA) Spenddown HF225/SF250 (Passed)

Change Medical Assistance policy so that people with disabilities who depend on MA services can keep more of their own income and savings. A 1% increase in the Spenddown was approved.

Best Life Alliance HF873/SF669

Supports a wage increase and healthcare premium coverage for direct care professionals who support people with disabilities. Direct care professionals’ pay is directly tied to state reimbursement rates set by lawmakers.

Medical Assistance Coverage of Stiripentol HF808/SF1221 (Passed)

Requires Medical Assistance to cover Stiripentol under the early periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (EPSDT) program when medically necessary for Dravet syndrome, when all other available covered prescription medications have been exhausted.



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