DIY Fundraiser FAQ & Tips for Success

What is a DIY fundraiser? 

A DIY fundraiser is an event organized by an individual or group that raises money to benefit the Foundation or a designated program.

How do I get started?

Contact EFMN here and a staff member will follow up with you, provide resources and support you.

What are examples of successful fundraisers?

  • Car show
  • Craft sale
  • Concert
  • Dining for a cause (at local big box restaurants)
  • Fundraising dinner/reception
  • Lemonade stand
  • Runs/walks
  • Tournaments: curling, darts, football, golf

Will EFMN help organize my DIY Fundraiser?

EFMN staff will provide resources and expertise for your event, but DIY events require the organizer to handle event logistics and details.

How much do DIY Fundraisers raise?

Anywhere from $50-40,000.  EFMN encourages individuals to raise $2,000-5,000 to make the greatest impact.

Who can do a DIY fundraiser?

Anyone!  DIY fundraisers can be organized by one person or a group who want to honor someone, or just make a difference.

Who can help cover expenses?

One of the best ways to maximize the impact of your DIY fundraiser is to get community support.

  • Contact local service clubs (rotary, Jaycees, Sertoma, Lyons etc.) about supporting your event or presenting at club meetings about your cause.
  • Invite sponsors/exhibitors to your event to cover expenses.

(note, some businesses can only sponsor events presented by organizations classified as 501c3 nonprofits)

How much time does it take to organize a DIY fundraiser?

DIY fundraisers can take as little or as much time as you have.  Here are a few considerations:

  • Enlist a small group (or committee) of people to help plan and support your event.
  • Large events with many moving parts take more planning.
  • Access your personal/professional networks when planning your event. 
  • The more invested you are in your DIY fundraiser, the more successful it will be.  This doesn’t always mean more time – passion and investment go a long way.

How do I advertise my DIY fundraiser?

EFMN can help spread the word to our community!  The Foundation provides the following:

  • DIY fundraiser event webpage linked to our events calendar
  • Promotions in our communications when available

Also consider:

  • Using your social media network.
  • Chambers of Commerce (EFMN is a member of several area Chambers of Commerce, and in some instances can post this information on our page).
  • Flyers for your local businesses
  • Contact your local media about the event and its impact on people with epilepsy

Who can I talk with if I have questions?

Keri Olufson, Development Officer


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