Make a Difference

Life with epilepsy is unpredictable. You can help.

Henry and Jenny Campos thought their son, Dylen, had outgrown his epilepsy. But last summer, they discovered that he was still having seizures — and in a different part of his brain. Thanks to their Regional Manager, Lisa — and to generous donors — they got the support they needed from EFMN, and from their community.

Your gift today gives hope and courage to the family who calls us tomorrow.

2020 Neighborhood Walk

“In the first two weeks of the year, Lisa came to Dylen’s new middle school and taught the teachers and students about epilepsy. In the past, Dylan’s classmates didn’t understand his seizures, and they treated him differently because of it. Lisa’s training gave Dylen the courage to tell everyone about his epilepsy. Now his friends look out for him in a way they didn’t before.”
-Henry Campos, Dylen’s father

Your Impact:

$50 sends a Welcome Kit to children and youth joining Shining Stars.

$125 provides 1:1 support to a newly diagnosed individual with epilepsy.

$250 helps provide virtual Seizure Smart Training to companies and nonprofits.

$500 supports virtual Connect Groups, offering relevant information and connection to teens, adults, and caregivers.

$1,500 helps send one child to Camp Oz.

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