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The Power to Keep Others Safe

Laura Roloff was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2018. She understood her life was about to change, but was not sure how to share this information with her children. Before she had the opportunity, Laura had a seizure at home. Her 11-year-old son Keyan was the only one around.

Thankfully, a few weeks earlier Keyan received EFMN’s Seizure Smart Training at his elementary school. Although he never expected to see anyone have a seizure, he knew exactly what to do to keep his mother safe.

“I tried to stay calm. My mom was sitting down so I knew she was in a safe spot and I didn’t have to worry about her falling. I made sure she was breathing and then I called for my dad who was outside, but I didn’t leave my mom alone.”

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“Both my children had an incredible experience at Camp Oz. I’ve never heard them talk so much about any other event or activity. Thank you so much for providing an unbelievable and unforgettable experience like this for children.”

“I enjoy the [Connect Group] meetings because everyone is open about their condition. You can bare your soul and it’s done in a setting that stays in the room.”

“The Expo really helped me not feel alone dealing with epilepsy. This is my first year of having epilepsy and it came out of left field and surprised me so it’s very nice getting some more information on top of what I’ve learned through my treatment.”

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Seizure Smart Schools is a program that brings together students, teachers, school nurses, staff, and families to foster understanding of epilepsy in schools and teach seizure first aid.

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