New Name, New Day, New Locations – Join Us as we Rise Above Seizures

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Did you know that EFMN hosts the largest fundraising event in MN and ND to benefit people with seizures?  Over 3,500 people in five locations gather to celebrate people with seizures, and raise funds to support programs for the 60,000 people with epilepsy in our community.  August 1, 2015 is a big dang deal! 

Blog_Rise_Above_Seizures_Walk_2015.jpgSince 1995, the Foundation has hosted a walk and this year we’re changing things up!  Why?  After almost 20 years, frankly anything could use a little freshening up.  We surveyed team captains last year and heard the following:

         - “Thursday night can be difficult; how about a weekend?”  No problem!  This year we’re walking at 10 a.m. on a Saturday.

         - “How about hassle-free parking and convenient locations?”  No problem!  We explored hundreds of locations and secured the finest. Our new Metro location boasts three FREE adjacent parking ramps.  

         - “We love making our own t-shirts to represent our team.”  This year, t-shirts will only be available on-site on August 1 for a $15 donation.  We think you’re really going to like the new look!  Get the official walk shirt, while still sporting your team’s own t-shirt.

         - “I wish there were more opportunities to connect with others at the walk.”  We heard you.  FREE awareness bracelets will be available on-site, to identify your connection to epilepsy and easily spot others on a similar journey.  These connections are important.

Heck, we even changed the name from “Stroll for Epilepsy” to the “Rise Above Seizures Walk” because we think that’s what you do every day, you rise above seizures.  And we applaud that!

Since 2008, Paul, Lisa and Hannah Meunier have walked with us and raised thousands of dollars.  In fact, Paul lived on his 14-foot fishing boat on Forest Lake for 72 hours to raise funds for their team, Hannah’s Bananas.  So many of our walk teams boast similar stories of dedication and passion to support people with seizures.  The walk is truly our mission in motion!

Join us on August 1.  You'll be amazed how willing people are to support you and your team.  Our online fundraising tools make it so easy! Let’s make this the largest walk ever. Let’s get the media buzzing about epilepsy again.  Share your story with your local media, who love to feature a "feel good story.”  Sending an email to your local newspaper can result in a great cover story. Let’s show our community that people with epilepsy can rise above seizures and every one of the 60,000 deserve support.  Registration opens April 15 here. 


-Vicki Kopplin, executive director

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