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Vicki Kopplin here, with an update on an issue many of you ask me and EFMN staff about: medical cannabis as an epilepsy therapy.  Medical cannabis products will become available to Minnesotans on July 1, 2015.  There are many details between now and then, applications to complete and updates that people interested in this therapy will need. 


The MN Department of Health just released results of its survey of potential participants in the MN Medical Cannabis program.  The headline is that epilepsy was among the top three conditions listed by potential users as their qualifying condition.


I also want you to know that I was asked to serve on the Medical Cannabis Rulemaking Committee.  The role of the committee is to provide comments in the subject matter of the possible rules, identify topics that should be addressed, and suggest improvements to the existing rules around medical cannabis.  I will provide information I glean from that group regularly on this blog.  Be sure to subscribe/share our blog with a friend so we can reach everyone who needs this information.


You can also sign up directly on the MN Department of Health’s website to receive email alerts/news about medical cannabis.  The website also has applications, timelines and breaking news.  Our Information & Referral line is also available to answer your questions at 800.779.0777, ext. 2303.


Stay tuned to EFMN’s blog for continued updates on medical cannabis, emerging therapies for epilepsy and more!  






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