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We are here to keep you updated on the latest epilepsy news.

  • Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton signed legislation in May that sets up a medical marijuana program with tight controls and the way it is administered, joining 21 other states where medical marijuana is legal.  If all goes as planned, the drug will be available in pill, oil and vapor form in mid-2015, with two manufacturing facilities and eight dispensaries permitted statewide.  Read full article HERE.
  • A recent study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that 1/3 of people with autism also have epilepsy.  The connection between the two conditions often makes headlines and more information can be found on, “The Connection Between Autism & Epilepsy.”  

  • SAMi Sleep Activity Monitor Helps Provide Safety and More Control to Families Living with Epilepsy and Seizures. Epilepsy Foundation Indiegogo Campaign, Ending July 11, Will Make SAMi More Accessible. Click here to watch video and learn more!









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