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Minnesota is fortunate to have many talented researchers working specifically on epilepsy.  In November of 2014, the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota hosted the second “Minnesota Epilepsy Research Summit” at the Bakken Museum.  More than 15 local researchers presented at the summit, sharing their progress and exploring opportunities for collaboration.

All three of the major epilepsy centers:  Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Epilepsy Group were represented at the summit.  Research topics spanned the spectrum from canine research, to seizure prediction, to deep brain stimulation and more.

Upsher-Smith, a Minnesota based pharmaceutical company also presented their research. In early 2014, Upsher-Smith released a suite of medications to treat epilepsy.

It is inspiring to see so many talented researchers in one room, all working toward the ultimate goal of improving the lives of people with epilepsy.  Whether it’s research for better treatments, to predict seizures or ultimately find a cure…research provides hope to people living with the challenges of seizures. 

The passion of people conducting this research and the spectrum of their work is inspiring.  The potential collaboration between these researchers also opens the door for more exploration and opportunity. 

EFMN is proud to gather these researchers and continue the conversation about how by working together can improve the lives of those living with epilepsy.  Visit our “local research” page for updates and information about epilepsy research right here in our community!








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