EFMN Supports Gov. Dayton’s $2M for Epilepsy Research

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The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota Strongly Supports Governor Dayton’s Call for $2.2M in Research for Epilepsy
and Medical Marijuana  


St. Paul, MN – March 26, 2014 – This week Governor Dayton proposed $2.2M in funding to research a specific strain of marijuana as an epilepsy therapy.  The Mayo Clinic has been tapped to head up this important research, and the results could provide nationwide benefit to the 20 other states currently considering medical marijuana as an epilepsy therapy.

“The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (EFMN) strongly supports Governor Dayton’s courageous investment in research to control seizures in children," said Executive Director Vicki Kopplin.  "We urge the legislature to adopt this innovative first step in research on the medical uses of marijuana to control seizures in Minnesota."

Over 2.8 million Americans live with epilepsy – 60,000 in Minnesota. One-third of these people have ongoing treatment-resistant seizures.  EFMN supports increased access to physician directed care and research that leads to new treatment options and a cure.  For children with epilepsy living with seizures is a risk of injury, lost development, and loss of life. 

Every case of epilepsy is different and the disease is highly variable. Treatments are often individualized and require close attention to side effects and impact on one's daily life. The best care for a child or adult living with seizures is to seek the specialized care and attention of an epileptologist or epilepsy center. 

Research and clinical trials help the entire community understand epilepsy. This scientific knowledge helps epilepsy clinicians understand how and why various treatments work and for whom they are effective.  It will make a difference for the generations to come.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota strongly supports Governor Dayton’s proposal to fund epilepsy research.  The Foundation supports all well-controlled studies that will lead to a better understanding of the disease and the development of safe and effective treatments for seizures. “We applaud this needed increase for epilepsy research,” said Kopplin, “Too often we see the talk and no action, but with Governor Dayton we see his compassion and commitment to all individuals with epilepsy with his research proposal.”




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The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (EFMN) envisions a world where people with seizures realize their full potential. One in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime, and 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy. The Foundation’s programs and services cover MN and Eastern ND. For information, visit efmn.org. 

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