The Autism & Epilepsy Connection

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Did you know an estimated 33% of people with autism spectrum disorder also have epilepsy?  And 1 in 3 autistic children also develop seizures? 

New research also found that adults with epilepsy are more likely to show signs of autism and Asperger syndrome.  Why are the two conditions connected?

According to a Huffington Post article, evidence shows that “the misfiring of the brain during a seizure may explain the cause of the autism conditions.  The more frequent the seizures, the more severely impacted the patient's socialization issues may be.”

This research could mean people with epilepsy may benefit from using the wide array of autism therapies available to help with socialization issues.  And in a world where stigma surrounds both epilepsy and autism, wouldn’t it be nice to connect with others facing similar challenges? 

That’s why I am working with Jonah Weinberg, executive director of the Autism Society of Minnesota, on partnership opportunities.  We want to offer joint resources and events to connect people who have both conditions and empower them to rise above seizures and autism.

For information about the Autism Society of MN and a list of their services, visit  Here are some additional resources you may find of interest:

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- Vicki Kopplin, executive director

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