Shining Stars

All children are special, but children with epilepsy are Shining Stars!  This program connects youth from across MN and ND with other families living with epilepsy and encourages them to “reach for the stars” despite any challenges created by epilepsy.

There is no cost and youth ages 18 and under are welcome.  Complete the registration, attach a photo and tell us a little about yourself: your talents, your hobbies, your epilepsy.  We’ll help you shine.

Participants receive:

•    A star medallion
•    Program certificate
•    A dedicated page in our quarterly newsletter.
•    Special invitations to EFMN events.
•    BEST OF ALL – opportunities to connect and meet the other 300 Shining Stars and their families


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Shining Stars can become Winning Kids! Our Winning Kid program not only empowers youth, it also creates opportunities for leadership in the epilepsy community and helps spread awareness about seizures.

Introducing the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota's 2016/2017 Winning Kid, Will Schneider!

2016-2017_WinningKid_WillSchneider.PNGEFMN is happy to announce Will Schneider is this year's Winning kid. Will is 13 now, but he started having seizures when he was just 2 months old. After much testing, he was diagnosed with epilepsy - Myoclonic seizures to be exact. After trying many medications over several years with little success, Will's parents Tom and Terri decided to try the Ketogenic Diet. The diet began to work almost immediately and they saw Will's seizures subside. Will remained in the diet for almost 5 years - longer than typically expected - before deciding to gradually reduce the diet. Unfortunately Will's seizures returned. This prompted further testing which led to a new diagnosis of Glut1 Deficiency Syndrome, a genetic disorder that impairs brain metabolism and can also cause seizures. There currently is no cure for this disorder, but Will's family continues to work on managing this condition.

Will's family has not only been actively involved with EFMN by participating in Camp Oz, Twins Event, local family events, Art Therapy and Parent Connect but has worked to have Will participate in other wonderful activities including the West Metro Miracle League, Courage Foundation We Can Ride, Inc. and the Glut1 Foundation.

We know that through Will and his family's unique journey with epilepsy that they will have a lot to offer other families and will truly make in impact in sharing their story. We look forward to working with them this upcoming year.

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