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November 28th
MIT Technology Review (blog)A Sleek Wristband That Can Track SeizuresMIT Technology Review (blog)A new wristband from a startup called Empatica is built for people with epilepsy—it hopes to detect their seizures and alert family when they're in the …
November 26th
Embrace Watch-Like Device to Help Track Epileptic Seizures (VIDEO)Medgadget.comtimmy Embrace Watch Like Device to Help Track Epileptic Seizures (VIDEO) Though epileptic seizures are difficult to predict, it can be beneficial to track their occurrence and …
November 25th
Daily MailBronx Driver Who Had Seizure Is Found Not Guilty in Fatal CrashNew York TimesA Bronx man who had an epileptic seizure while driving two years ago and caused a crash that killed a 25-year-old man was cleared on Tuesday of all criminal charges. A …
November 25th
CBC.caNew software predicts seizures 17 minutes before they happenCTV NewsResearchers from the University of Windsor have created a software program that can predict an oncoming seizure 17 minutes before it happens. Prof. Robin Gras and PhD student Abba G…
November 24th
Medical DailyCannabis Oil Helped Stop 8-Year-Old Forrest Smelser's Seizures When Other ...Medical DailyForrest was diagnosed with epilepsy only a week after his eighth birthday. The disease causes recurrent seizures that range in severity; an epileptic se…
November 21st
Smartwatch detects skin's electricity to predict seizuresNew ScientistYet another smartwatch launched this week. Called Embrace, it is rather different from the latest offerings from Apple, Samsung and Motorola: it can spot the warning signs of an epilept…
November 19th
BBC NewsEpileptic seizures 'not recognised by police and law officers'BBC NewsEpilepsy Scotland said people could be arrested for shoplifting or getting into the wrong car when they were mid-seizure and unaware of their actions. The charity is now running…
November 19th
Light Therapy Could Stop Seizures in the BrainLive ScienceBut a new technique that uses light to activate brain cells could stop seizures in their tracks, new research suggests. A team of scientists injected light-sensitive proteins into the neurons of ep…
November 13th
New York TimesAt Trial, Epilepsy and Questions of Blame in a Fatal CrashNew York TimesVincent Zanfardino had been repeatedly warned by his doctor not to drive before he had an epileptic seizure behind the wheel two years ago and crashed into another car, …
November 6th
Fox NewsStem cell transplants may help reduce seizures, study saysFox NewsNew research from McLean Hospital and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute has shown that stem cell therapy reduces seizures in mice. Researchers used an animal model to transplant seizu…

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