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May 22nd
Times GazetteService Dogs That Detect Seizures Make Life Easier To Kids With DisabilitiesTimes GazetteAt the age of four years, Alyssa Howes unfortunately became blind and started having up to 20 seizures per day. From then on her grandmother stayed with …
May 21st
Duluth News TribuneLiving with epilepsy: Cook County senior Jamie Wick hasn't let seizures ...Duluth News TribuneThe seizures, more frequent immediately after the diagnosis and before doctors could tweak his medication, are under control. The last one was…
May 21st
New Data for Fycompa® (Perampanel) Demonstrate Improved Seizure (press release)New data from two Eisai supported studies demonstrate the efficacy and safety of once-daily anti-epilepsy treatment Fycompa® (perampanel) in the adjunc…
May 20th
KMBZParents Say Pot Helped Daughter's SeizuresKMBZAddyson Benton began having tiny seizures when she was just 9 months old, her mother, Heather Benton, told ABC News. Her eyes would glaze over and she would jerk as if she was catching herself falling asle…
May 19th
Huffington Post UKNational Epilepsy Week: What Should You Do If Someone Is Having An Epileptic ...Huffington Post UKThe severity of seizures can differ from person to person. Some people have convulsions (uncontrollable shaking of the body) which is known…
May 19th
The Denver ChannelEpileptic girl who moved to Colorado for medical marijuana has dramatically ...The Denver ChannelCASTLE ROCK, Colo. - A 3-year-old girl who has epileptic seizures has made a dramatic improvement since moving to Colorado to be treated wit…
May 17th
First aid course tutor suspended after joking about seizuresHerald ScotlandMr Morrell's son was diagnosed with epilepsy in his late teens and did not want to tell his friends about his health problem. "It was the old stigma of having epilepsy," said Mr Mo…
May 11th
Storey: Epilepsy patients need more than potWDSU New Orleans(CNN) —In CNN's "Weed" series, Dr. Sanjay Gupta called for a "marijuana revolution" to help patients who are suffering from pain, seizures, and other serious medical conditions. As a mother…
April 27th
Daily MailDisorder causes felines to have seizures when hearing high pitched soundsDaily MailTaking evidence from 96 pet owners, they found that seizures could be triggered by crinkling tin foil, a metal spoon clanging in a ceramic feeding bowl, chinking …
April 23rd
Cult of MacApple Watch app lets you call for help during a seizureCult of MacEpilepsy affects more than 3 million Americans, with around 500 new cases diagnosed every day, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. There are apps for charting seizures and even…

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