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November 30th
Red Dirt ReportSuccess stories prove cannabis, THC oil significantly reduce seizures among ...Red Dirt ReportOKLAHOMA CITY – Shelly Boren broke state drug laws in January when she bought cannabis oil in Colorado and brought it back to Oklahoma to me…
November 30th
Epilepsy ActionBrivaracetam for partial-onset seizures recommended for marketing approval by ...Epilepsy ActionA dose of 50mg a day of brivaracetam reduced the frequency of seizures by at least half for around a third of the people included in the trial. …
November 30th
Protect your brain from seizures naturallyNaples Daily NewsAnimal research suggests that impaired methylation (reduced folate) can damage the hippocampus and result in post-seizure memory loss. Reduced folate transport to the brain led to seizures, cognit…
November 29th
WCM-Q tackles diagnosis of first epileptic seizurePeninsula On-lineDr Basim Uthman, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience, WCM-Q, explained that epilepsy is one of many causes of seizures and that there are different epilepsy syndromes, which makes accurate …
November 27th
Research reveals anti-seizure mechanism of ketogenic diet therapyEpilepsy SocietyKetogenic dietary therapies have been used since the 1920s as an alternative treatment for epilepsy, particularly in children who seizures do not respond to medication. The d…
November 25th
Medical News TodayResearchers identify dietary fat that could offer more effective epilepsy ...Medical News TodayWhile anti-seizure medications are considered the primary treatment for epilepsy, some individuals with the condition do not respond to such t…
November 22nd
Baltimore SunApple Watch used to study epileptic seizuresBaltimore Sun"Physicians often ask patients to record their seizures, but that can be hard, especially when a patient loses consciousness," said Dr. Gregory Krauss, a professor of neurology in the J…
November 20th
Daily MailBaby girl with epilepsy suffers 40 seizures a DAY due to genetic disorder Shox ...Daily MailMrs O'Brien said: 'On a good day, Maisie will only have one or two seizures, but other times it can be more than 40. I think the most she's ever had in o…
November 20th
Komaroff: Electrical firestorm occurs during epileptic seizureBloomington Pantagraph (blog)A: Epilepsy is a condition that causes repeated seizures, but sometimes seizures are not caused by epilepsy. It's not uncommon, for example, for very young children…
November 19th
Fox NewsLaser surgery prevents young man's epileptic seizuresFox NewsMay hasn't experienced any seizures since and said it was a “big relief.” Doctors say about 50 percent of laser patients remain seizure free in the years following surgery. T…

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