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September 29th
WFYISeizures Triggered By The Fridge Made Life A Daily StruggleWFYIThe doctors didn't know this for sure at the time, but Brandy's seizures were coming from her left temporal lobe, the part of the brain around the temple. Temporal lobe epilepsy is the mos…
September 27th
Scottish Daily RecordMother reveals agony after loss of model daughter from massive epileptic seizureScottish Daily RecordWhile many people with epilepsy suffer mild seizures, Hayley's family – including her dad Bernard McGurk and sister Abbie, 15 &…
September 26th
ReutersFDA revokes approval for Sun Pharma's seizure drug over compliance issuesReutersSPARC had said it would produce the drug at Sun Pharma's Halol plant, in the western Indian state of Gujarat, as an adjunct treatment for partial onset seizures in epil…
September 21st
Fox NewsMinnesota teen with difficult-to-treat epilepsy gets new device that can ...Fox NewsRachael Malez, 13, is one of among a third of epilepsy patients worldwide who doesn't respond well to seizure medication, and among the many who can't undergo surg…
September 21st
Herald Sun'Fitbit' for brain could warn epileptic sufferers of seizuresHerald SunBased on a cochlear implant, the device is inserted behind the ear with electrodes under the skin of the scalp to record the unique “weather patterns” of brain wa…
September 14th
Modified Atkins Diet Limits Seizures in Refractory EpilepsyMedscapeISTANBUL, Turkey — A modified Atkins diet (mAD) can decrease seizures in adult patients with refractory epilepsy taking antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). About half of patients experienced…
September 11th
ABC OnlineWhy AFL star Lance Franklin cannot simply 'carry on'ABC OnlineOne of AFL's biggest stars Lance Franklin was briefly hospitalised for a mild epileptic seizure last week. He was also ruled out of Saturday's qualifying final, as he was reportedly s…
September 10th
Pot Chemical Shows Promise Against EpilepsyNewsmaxA chemical found in marijuana might help prevent epilepsy seizures, but drug laws have hampered research efforts, a new study says. Cannabidiol is one of the main active chemical compounds found in pot. Bu…
September 10th
Epilepsy: sorting the myths from the facts of a common disorderThe Conversation AUGlobally, epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases, particularly among children. Epilepsy is not a single disorder; it has many causes that share the hallmar…
September 8th
Pedestrian TVSwans Reveal Buddy Franklin Has Epilepsy, Seizure Unrelated To Mental HealthPedestrian TVThe statement confirms that Franklin does indeed suffer from mild epilepsy, and that he did collapse after having a seizure at the Skinny Dip Cafe in Bon…

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