Lead Driver Position in Sioux Falls Region


The Epilepsy Foundation of MN (EFMN) seeks a dependable, hardworking, and self-motivated individual to collect donations of used clothing and housewares in the Sioux Falls region.  This position will be on the front line of our expansion into the area, and presents a great leadership opportunity for an individual who can work independently and handle all aspects of this remote operation.  (EFMN currently operates 14 collection trucks in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas.)

This position will have an annual salary range of $28k - $34k.  We expect some days will be longer than 8 hours, while others will be shorter—but we expect on average this position will put in 40 - 45 hours per week, working Mondays through Fridays.  We will also install a bonus structure if this person collects more than a certain amount of clothing donations.

A lead driver’s work is physically intensive.  A driver must be able to lift 50 lbs easily and frequently.  Generally, donations come in 20 – 30 lb bags and boxes, but a driver will pick up 3,000 – 5,000 lbs of goods in those small increments—and then handle the weight again when unloading at Savers at the end of day.

We need a resourceful individual who can problem-solve and handle issues that might pop up.  Strong communication skills are a must, as the lead driver will speak with donors, vendors, and other parties on behalf of our organization.  While there is a supervisor based in the Twin Cities who can help with some issues, most of the day-to-day items will be the lead driver’s to resolve.  At the same time, this means the position receives a large amount of flexibility and self-direction, within the bounds of the job duties.

If you have further questions about this position, please contact Scott at sstgeorge@efmn.org or 651.287.2321.

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