What We Can Achieve Together




Programs that EDUCATE

Public misperceptions and misinformation about epilepsy have persisted over centuries, with sensationalized depictions of seizures that reinforce negative perceptions.  EFMN has developed nationally-recognized programs that help educate people about seizures and epilepsy (Seizure Smart Schools and Seizure Smart Communities).

Imagine if...Together we were able to make the communities, schools and workplaces of the 60,000 people in our community  with epilepsy “seizure smart” to end the stigma and discrimination that surrounds epilepsy.


Programs that CONNECT

The Foundation’s programs connect people to others with seizures, decreasing the isolation of people with epilepsy.  Epilepsy impacts the entire family - EFMN provides support and resources to help people better  understand seizures (Parent Connect Group, Shining Stars and Information & Referral).

Imagine if...People with epilepsy made regular connections to others living with seizures, helping individuals and families find comfort in that they are not fighting their battle alone.


Programs that EMPOWER

Living with epilepsy also entails managing psychological/social challenges, side effects of medications and fears of discrimination – all of which can significantly affect quality of life. Program participants begin to have a sense of control in a world where seizures have taken away some of the control most people take for granted (Advocacy Day, Camp Oz and Creative Arts).

             Imagine if...Together we could empower children, adults and seniors impacted by epilepsy so they could find their voice 
            to become self-advocates and lead full lives.

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